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  • Check information on educational scholarships for tribals in Tamil Nadu

Check information on educational scholarships for tribals in Tamil Nadu

Check information on educational scholarships for tribal students in the state of Tamil Nadu. Registered users can search scholarships meant for tribal students. Instructions for the institutions are also available. Students can also check the status of their application online.

Check list of Tamil studies centres in all countries

  •   Informational

Check a list of educational centres across the world for Tamil studies provided by the Tamil Virtual Academy. Users can access the information by selecting a country from the drop down list. Information such as coordinators' names and completed address of studies centres is available.

Technical Institutions e-Governance Portal of Tamil Nadu

  •   Informational

Avail online services for checking examination results, verifying diploma certificates etc. Login facility for institutions is also provided. Users can also check attendance, district-wise list of polytechnic colleges and scholarships etc. One can search details of examinations by providing a registration number. Certificates can be verified by providing their registration number.

Check examination results online in Tamil Nadu

  •   Fully Online

Check exam results online by Directorate of Government Examinations of Tamil Nadu. Users can access various exam results by providing registration number and date of birth.

Online text books for students in Tamil Nadu

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Get online text books provided by the School Education Department of Tamil Nadu. Users can read and download text books for class 1 to class 12. Books on various subjects such as language readers, mathematics, environmental studies, science, social studies, etc. can be downloaded in Tamil, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Urdu. Search option for English titles is also available. Books for Diploma in Teacher Education are also provided.