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Check railway station code by Ministry of Railways

Check the code of railway station in various parts of the country provided by the Ministry of Railways. Users have to enter the full name of the station or few characters of the station name in the appropriate field to get the station code.

RailMadad, A Grievance Redressal Mechanism

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Get instant help for train related complaint like Train Complaint, Station Complaint, Track your Complaint and Suggestions.

Project Monitoring Group, Ministry of Railways

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The Project Monitoring Group (PMG), Invest India is an institutional mechanism for the expedited resolution of issues and regulatory bottlenecks in projects with investments upward ₹ 500 Cr. in India.


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Indian Railways offers the facility to purchase unreserved tickets through mobile phone at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Secunderabad. Further Automatic Ticket Vending Machines dispensing unreserved tickets using smart cards are provided at over 1000 locations over CR (Central Railway), ER (Eastern Railway), ECoR (East Coast Railway), NR (Northern Railway), NER (North Eastern Railway), NWR (North Western Railway), SR (Southern Railway), SCR (South Central Railway), SER (South Eastern Railway), SECR (South East Central Railway), SWR (South Western Railway), WR (Western Railway) and WCR (West Central Railway).

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Passenger Services - GSTN MANUAL INVOICE FORM.

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Indian Railways provides a form online having two parts one of which is to be used by vendors/contractors for entry of GST Manual Transactions of Receipt, and the other part is filled by the Railway Official; this also includes the instructions for filling the form

Passenger Services - Feedback Form

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Central Railway provides an online feedback form to enable users to send in their feedback conveniently