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Download GRIP Challan

Government Receipts Portal System (GRIPS) challans may be downloaded by specifying the Government Reference Number (GRN)

Income Certificate in West Bengal

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Income Certificate is certification provided to the citizen by the government confirming and testifying their annual income. User registration is required for accessing the service.

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Website of Finance Department of West Bengal

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Finance Department of Government of West Bengal is responsible for management of finances of the state government. It is concerned with all economic and financial matters affecting the state as a whole including mobilisation of resources and allocation of resources for infrastructural development, social welfare, human development and administrative purposes. Details related to acts and ordinance, budget, e-governance etc. can be obtained. Find information about circulars and memos like audit, budget, pension, revenue, etc. One can also find information regarding directorate, finance group jurisdiction, COSA, etc. Details related tender, administrator, photo gallery, forms, etc are given.

Pay commercial tax online to Directorate of Commercial Taxes of West Bengal

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The Directorate of Commercial Taxes of West Bengal has provided this online facility for users to pay commercial taxes online and avail other related services through GRIPS. You can also print your challans and check related details of your commercial taxes.

Avail online registration services of Directorate of Commercial Taxes of West Bengal

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Apply online for Value Added Tax (VAT) or Commercial Sales Tax (CST) registration, check your registration application status, submit your payment details and reprint your VAT or CST acknowledgement. This online registration services are provided by the Directorate of Commercial Taxes of West Bengal. You need to fill up online form to apply for VAT or CST registration.