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e-Return Filing

All the returns can be filled online. It can be accessed only after login by the dealer. All the links available on the home page. The processing and assessment of the e-Return is done online without the need for dealer to visit in the office. The assessment orders are also mailed electronically and can be accessed from the user account.

Search Property, Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

Amdavad Municipal Corporation offers online search for property tax dues and tax payment status based on a 16 character Tenement Number

Amdavad Municipal Services, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

Amdavad Municipal Corporation offers various municipal services such as assessment of tax, property tax payment, professional tax payment, checking availability of banquet etc halls, hospital search etc

Issuance/Renewal of Fertilizer/Insecticide/Seed License

  •   Partially Online

Application forms are available on this portal. Farmers/Beneficiaries can download application form and after filling form, they can submit over the counter.

Trade license in Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

This portal used for getting Trade License through online. This facility can be avail after login in this portal. Service no. 2 in pre operational approvals cater to this.

School Registration in Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

Any school administration can apply for new school registration through this portal.