Find Job

Online search for jobs can be done in both Private and Government sectors

Career Information / Assessment Tests

  •   Fully Online

Youth may login to their account and access the Assessment Test to take Psychometric and Aptitude Tests, which would guide them towards an appropriate career path

Participate in Job Fairs and Events

  •   Partially Online

National Career Service enables job seekers to view details of & register for participating in forthcoming Career Fairs

Find Career Center

  •   Fully Online

Job seekers may locate Career Centers by specifying the State or District

National Career Service

  •   Fully Online

National Career Service enables job seekers and employers to connect in order to fill available vacancies


  •   Informational

UDAAN provides information about its aims to provide skills training and enhance the employability of unemployed youth of J&K by providing exposure to the unemployed graduates to the best of Corporate India, and in the process providing Corporate India access to the rich talent pool available in J&K