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Income Certificate, Gujarat

Income Certificate for citizens in Gujarati for Gujarat State

Application for NoC for Building (Plan) Construction in Gujarat

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3 NoCs namely fire, airport authority, national monument authority are required based on the location of the building. Process for fire NoC is sr. no. 14 and process for other 2 Nocs, on need basis is in built in to the process for building plan approval at sr. no. 12. Any registered Citizen/Business can avail the service.

Application for Registration of Shops and Establishment, Gujarat

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Business operators can apply for Shops & Establishment Registration on eNagar portal and receive status on their email and SMS. Business Operators can avail Services- New Registration, Renewal, Modification and Cancellation of Registrations. Business operators can access these services after login. Business operators can also avail these services from civic centres of Urban Local Bodies. Urban Local Bodies processes the request on https://enagar.gujarat.gov.in/enagar/login.jsp. Business Operators can also validate the certificate details on portal.

Registration and Licensing - Motor transport workers act

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This service allows user to registered under Motor Transport Workers Act. This Service Delivered through Labour Commissioner Office.

Job Seeker Registration

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Any Job seeker in Gujarat can registered through this portal online. Portal provide facility to update the profile also.

Employee Registration

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The portal supports the process of job seeker registration, sharing of job seekers to potential employers and removing/archiving job seekers once employer confirms selection of candidates. Only job seeker registration done online. The removing and archiving job seeker is done manually when employer confirms the selection of candidate.