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Scholarships for students in Gujarat

Digital Gujarat Portal manages scholarship for student. Administrative process is carried under this portal and for making the payment it is integrated with the State Government's IFMS portal from where the DBT take place.

Hostel Services for Students, Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

Gujarat government offers students the facility to avail Hostel services online

Short Term Skill Development Training in Gujarat

  •   Fully Online

Any student can apply online for Short Term Job Skill Development Courses through this portal. i.e. Industrial Training Skill Development.

Bus Concession Pass to Disabled Person

  •   Fully Online

Bus pass are issued online to disabled person.

Animal Husbandry schemes application registered

  •   Partially Online

Farmers/Beneficiaries of Animal Husbandry etc can apply online on this portal. The workflow based application processing by respective nodal office. This service is available for specific period of time.

Financial Assistance (Any other type)

  •   Partially Online

The services related to Social Justice and empowerment are delivered at the counter except for the services related with scholarship schemes. The forms for the services delivered at the counter are available at given URL.