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Apply for jobs on National Career Service Portal

  •   Fully Online

Job seekers can avail the benefits of this portal by registering themselves. You can find career centres, find skill providers and career counsellors, get local help, etc. Employers can also use this portal to find skilled candidates. Information about local employment services, career centres, etc. is available.

Register with Delhi Employment Exchange online

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Get registered with Delhi Employment Exchange online. Users have to provide personal information such as name, father's name, date of birth, gender, category, etc. Physical fitness details of the candidate is also required. Present and permanent addresses with phone numbers are mandatory to complete the online registration process.

Register with Directorate of Employment Delhi for jobs

  •   Fully Online

Employment portal is a service provided by the Directorate of Employment under Government of National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. Job seekers can register, validate and maintain their profile for job search online in the NCR. Registered job providers can also submit job notifications. Users can access the list of registered and validated job seekers. Details of Employment Manual, vacancy notification, etc. are also available.

Puducherry: On-line Renewal of Employment Registration

  •   Fully Online

Job seekers registered in any of the Employment Exchanges of Union Territory of Puducherry can renew their registration if their registration is live.

Domicile Certificate

  •   Fully Online

Online Application for State Domicile Certificate

  • Registration required
  • Also available at   
    यू एम ए एन जी   
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Find Job

  •   Fully Online

Online search for jobs can be done in both Private and Government sectors

Department of Employment - Registration with Employee Exchange

  •   Informational

Citizens especially unemployed youth can make use of this service to get their names registered in the employment exchange department.

Puducherry: On-line Employment Registration

  •   Partially Online

Residents of the Union Territory of Puducherry who have not registered their qualifications as of date can register on-line by uploading their personal and qualification details.

Directorate of Employment and Self Employment of Maharashtra

  •   Informational

Directorate of Employment & Self Employment of Maharashtra facilitates employment and provide self-employment guidance for the youth to enhance their incomes. Detailed information and online registration facilities are provided for job seekers, employers, self employment, etc. Users can search jobs by providing skills, experience and job category. Information about other services such as SMS alerts for eligible job seekers, employment market, occupational information, career guidance & counseling, employment promotion programme, skill development, job fair, training for tribal youth, etc. are also provided.

National Career Service

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National Career Service enables job seekers and employers to connect in order to fill available vacancies