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Application form for Nursing Home registration, Delhi

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Users can download the application form for Nursing Home registration in Delhi

Online appointment for Yellow Fever Vaccination, NDMC, New Delhi

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Users can make online appointment for Yellow Fever Vaccination with NDMC, New Delhi

Leprosy Control, Mizoram

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Application for Leprosy Control

Application Form for Grant In Aid for Fell Diseases, Mizoram

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You can download application form for Grand-in-aid (Fell Diseases) and submit to Director, Hospital & Medical Education along with all the required documents

The National Health Mission in Arunachal Pradesh

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The National Health Mission (NHM) is a National effort at ensuring effective healthcare through a range of interventions at individual, household, community, and most critically at the health system levels. Despite considerable gains in health status over the past few decades in terms of increased life expectancy, reductions in mortality and morbidity serious challenges still remain. These challenges vary significantly from state to state and even within states

Contact officials of National Health Mission in Arunachal Pradesh

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Contact details of officials of the National Health Mission in Arunachal Pradesh are provided. Users can find phone numbers and email ids to seek help.

Book appointment online for Government Hospitals

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You can register and get an appointment online for the government hospitals. Users can get an OPD appointment, lab reports and check blood availability in any government hospital online. Mobile app is also available for users to get an appointment for the government hospitals. The dashboard is given for information about the hospitals registered with the portal, total appointments, government departments, etc.

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Individual Household Latrine Application (IHHL) - Swachh Bharat Mission-Urban

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Individual Households/Citizens of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) facilitated on the portal. Individuals can sign up on the portal and apply online for Construction/Conversion of Individual Household Toilets.

Upload your Process Innovation/best practices in Sanitation or Water

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You can fill up this online form to upload your Process Innovation/Best Practices related to sanitation or water in India. Users can upload documents, videos, audio etc. to share the best practices/process innovation to improve sanitation and water infrastructure in India.

Nai Roshni

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The scheme is for develpment of minority women which runs through the help of NGO's, civil societies/govt institutions. Various training modules are scheduled in it like leadership of women, educational programme, health and hygiene, swachh bharat, financial literacy, lifeskills, legal rights of women , digital literacy and advocacy for social and behavioural change.