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Apply for NOC For Indian living in abroad, Haryana

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This service is to apply for NOC For Indian living in abroad from Police Department. This is a G2C service. Applicants need to register to apply for this service. Individuals can apply for this service.

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Police Verification (Visa/Immigration/PR)

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Citizen can apply police verification certificate for visa,Immigration and PR

  • Registration required
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Check information on recruiting agents by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

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Get information on Recruiting Agents (RAs) registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Details related to registration of Recruiting Agents (RAs), guidelines for RAs, service charge payable to RAs, renewal registration certificates, changes in registration certificates, etc. are given. Information about active RAs and RAs in watch list is available. Users can also check the status of application for renewal of registration certificate and status of fresh registration.