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Website of India Code

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India Code the India Code Information System contains all Central Acts of Parliament right from 1836 onwards. Each Act includes: Short Title, Enactment Date, Sections, Schedule and also Foot notes.

Check judgements of Indian courts and tribunals

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Check judgements of Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts and Tribunals. You can also check the cause lists and daily orders of all Indian Courts. Links to check the status of cases pending in the Supreme Court, High Courts as well as District Courts are available. Links for the websites of courts are also given.

Check cause lists of all courts in India

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Check cause lists of all the courts in India. Users can access the cause lists of Supreme Court, High Courts, High Court Benches, District Courts, Tribunals and Commissions. You can also find the daily, weekly, monthly and supplementary cause lists by court's name, judge's name, case number, lawyer's name, petitioner's name or respondent's name.

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