Chandigarh (UT)

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Application form for Solvency Certificate, Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Users can download the application form for ontaining Solvency Certificate at Chandigarh

Check cause lists of District Courts of Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Users can find cause lists of Chandigarh District Courts. One can enter the date along with the name of the judge to view the cause lists. Name of judges can also be selected from the list.

Online feedback and suggestions for Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Information on how to write the Feedback and Suggestions in the government portal of Chandigarh is given. Users can fill the form with name, email, designation etc.

Send your complaints by email to Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Users can send their complaints by emails pertaining to the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh. Email ids of various officials are provided for users to lodge their complaints online. Helpline numbers to register complaints are also available.

Appointment for Sub Registrar Office, UT, Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Citizens may book an appointment online with the Sub Registrar's Office at Chandigarh, by specifying details such as Name, address, ID details, & mobile number

GMSH-16 Evening OPD Appointments

  •   Fully Online

Citizens may book an Out Patient Department (OPD) appointment online with the Multi Specialty Government Hospital at Sector 16 Chandigarh, by specifying a mobile number to generate a One Time Password (OTP) and then guides with Instructions for registering with details such as Name, age, address etc

Application form for Other Backward Class Certificate on Migration Basis in Chandigarh

  •   Partially Online

Get application form for Other Backward Class (OBC) Certificate (Migration Basis) in Chandigarh. Users can download the form and use it further. Instructions on how to fill the form are also available.

Check online passport application status with Chandigarh Police Department

  •   Fully Online

Check online status of passport application with Chandigarh Police Department. Users can find details of passport applications by entering passport application number.

Online Servant Registration, Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Users can do Online Servant Registration in Chandigarh

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Avail subsidy on solar water heating system in Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Details related to procedure to avail subsidy on solar water heating system in Chandigarh are given. Users can get information about subsidy, documents required for subsidy, eligibility, etc. Access to application for the installation of solar water heating system under the subsidy scheme and certificate from the authorized proprietor or manufacturer or beneficiary is also available.