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Check details of agricultural markets of Karnataka

  •   Informational

Check details of agricultural markets in Karnataka provided by the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board (KSAMB). One needs to click on the market link to get information such as market name, address, phone numbers etc.

Obtain duplicate driving licence in Karnataka

  •   Informational

Get information on how to apply for getting a duplicate driving licence in Karnataka. Detailed information on documents to be attached, fee, application form etc. is provided.

Application form 4 for Motor Vehicle Driving Licence in Karnataka

  •   Partially Online

Users can apply for motor vehicle driving licence in Karnataka. Form 4 is provided by the Transport Department of the state for the purpose of obtaining driving licence. A certificate of test competency to drive is also to be provided with the form. Details about class of vehicle, applicant's name, contact address, educational qualification, birth date, details about previous applications for licence, etc. are to be furnished in the form.

Check judgments of High Court of Karnataka

  •   Fully Online

Users can check the judgments of the High Court of Karnataka. One can search judgments repository by entering the text. Details can be checked by selecting a case number and type, judge's name, date of judgment, subjects, petitioner's name, respondent's name, location etc.

Check cause lists of Karnataka High Court

  •   Fully Online

Check online the cause lists of Karnataka High Court. Users can search for daily cause list and previous court lists by the court hall, judge name, advocate name and case number. The district courts' cause lists, Lok Adalat cause lists and weekly cause lists can also be viewed.

Check status of pension with Accountants General of Karnataka

  •   Fully Online

Check online status of pension provided by the office of Accountant General of Karnataka. Users can get information about pension status by selecting type of benefit such as fresh pension, pension revision or family pension and by filling the Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) number and date of birth.

Apply for grant of learner's driving licence for Karnataka

  •   Fully Online

Apply for learner's driving licence in the state of Karnataka provided by the State Transport Department. One needs to provide details of the RTO office, test dates, class of vehicle, personal details and medical certificate dates etc. to submit this online form to apply for licence.