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Grievance Appellate Committee

The Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) is an online dispute resolution mechanism. The entire appeal process, from filing to decision, is in digital mode. Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) endeavours to resolve appeals within 30 days.

eMulakat (Meet Prisoners Online)

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ePrisons service allow visitors to register themselves and book an appointment to see an inmate. This helps visitors to talk to their relatives in prison online while staying at home.

National Scholarship Portal Complaints/Feedback

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Complaints about administrative issues specific to the Ministry responsible for the Scheme, and about operational issues specific to National Scholarship Portal (NSP) may be submitted here.

e-Visitor System for Visitors

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eVisitor is a web based solution for Visitor Management for the Bhavans managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The visitor management module assists in capturing all-relavent information about the visitor and automatically saved in database.A high quality pass is issued to the visitor (the system can also be operated in pass-less mode in which no pass is issued to the visitor) . No need to re-enter data for regular visitors again as the data can be searched and new pass can be issued with minimum changes.

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e-Visitor Pass

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Government of India offers MyVisit - a digital solution for citizens to book appointments with government officials, & track the status of the appointments; & enabling government departments to manage the visitors to their respective offices

eAuthentication Service, Government of India

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A standard service to authenticate users of various government services in a safe and secure manner for accessing services through desktop as well as mobile.