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For Renewal of Learner License

  •   Partially Online

Citizens can apply for renewal of license using the available form

Application Form for Driving License

  •   Partially Online

Citizens can use the available form to apply for various license related services, such as booking a slot for seeking learner's and permanent licenses; International Driving Permit etc

Telangana Transport Department Online Services (Learning Licence,Driving Licence,Slot Booking)

  •   Fully Online

Transport Department of Telangana provides various online services to citizens such as Driving License (DL) issuing & renewal, Vehicle Registration (RC), Taxes, Fees, Penalties etc

Agriculture Department, Uttar Pradesh - Status of Complaints

  •   Fully Online

Agriculture Department in Uttar Pradesh enables tracking of status of complaints, suggestions etc by specifying complaint number

Online Primary Milk Society Registration

  •   Fully Online

Dairy Development Department enables registration & log in by various stakeholders, such as Chief Promoter, General Manager, Dairy Development Officer (DDO), Head Office, Deputy Dairy Development Officer

Vehicle Enquiry

  •   Fully Online

Vehicle Enquiry Report may be obtained online by specifying details such as Vehicle Type, Registration number, Chasis number, Engine number etc to find out if the specific vehicle has been reported stolen as per records of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

Application form for Government Quarters

  •   Informational

Government employees may use the available format to apply for the allotment of residential quarters accommodation

Department of Heavy Industry - Feedback

  •   Fully Online

Department of Heavy Industry enables visitors to submit feedback online by specifying details such as Organization, Designation, email Id, contact number & City

Registration of New Vehicle through the Car Dealers

  •   Fully Online

Before plying on the road, newly purchased Vehicle can be registered temporarily or permanently at the Dealer showroom using the VAHAN service portal of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)

Online services related to Vehicle

  •   Fully Online

VAHAN - an initiative by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) for Vehicle Registration, offers different services related to Vehicle such as payment of road tax, Change of Address, Transfer of ownership, Cancellation of hypothecation, Renewal of Registration, Duplicate Registration Certificate, Addition of hypothecation, Application for NOC (No Objection Certificate), along with online payment of fees and tax