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List of DDA Community Halls, Delhi

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The DDA provides a comprehensive list of community halls it maintains, offering details about their locations, facilities, and booking procedures. This information helps residents choose suitable venues for various community events and activities.

Generate DDA Flats E-Challan and Make Payment, Delhi

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Users can generate and make payments for DDA flats through the e-challan system. This online service streamlines the payment process, making it convenient for residents to manage their financial obligations related to DDA properties.

Check Payment Status/Details of e-Challan for Delhi Development Authority - DDA, Delhi

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Residents can check the payment status and details of e-challans issued by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) through the online portal. This service ensures transparency and easy access to financial transactions related to DDA services.

Online Payment of Low Tension Electricity Bill by TANGEDCO, Tamil Nadu

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Users in Tamil Nadu can pay their low-tension electricity bills online through the dedicated portal. The service facilitates convenient and timely bill payments, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and efficient bill management for residents across the state.

Live Darshan to the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple, Maharashtra

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Devotees can experience live darshan of the Siddhivinayak Temple in Maharashtra online. The portal offers real-time streaming, providing access to religious ceremonies and information about temple activities and pilgrim services.

Daily News on the Petroleum Industry by Bharat Petroleum

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Bharat Petroleum’s Petro Daily keeps customers updated on the global and Indian petroleum industry. It provides news on significant events, policy changes, and industry movements, helping stakeholders stay informed about the latest developments in the oil and gas sector.

Pay and View MTNL's Landline Bills, Delhi

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MTNL customers in Delhi can view and pay their landline and broadband bills online through the MTNL portal. The service supports payments via credit card, debit card, or net banking, and allows users to view and print duplicate bills for their records.

Encumbrance Certificate details before Dharani, Telangana

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Provides details of encumbrances of a particular land for the transactions done before Dharani. The details are fetched from CARD website of Registration department.

Pay your BSNL Phone Bill, Ahmedabad

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BSNL customers in Ahmedabad can conveniently pay their phone bills online. The service allows users to manage their bill payments through the BSNL portal, ensuring timely and hassle-free transactions for landline and mobile services.

Bharatgas: Voluntarily Surrender LPG Subsidy under 'GiveItUp' Movement

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The "Give It Up" campaign encourages LPG users who can afford to pay the market price to voluntarily surrender their LPG subsidy. This reduces the subsidy burden on the government, allowing funds to be redirected to developmental activities and to those in genuine need, promoting equitable resource distribution.