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Gujarat: Obtain Senior Citizen Certificate

Applicant may apply online for Senior Citizen Certificate on the Digital Gujarat portal.

Bus Concession Pass to Disabled Person

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Detailed information on concessions given by the Central and State governments, including bus and train pass concessions for the Disabled.

Financial Assistance (Any other type)

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The services related to Social Justice and empowerment are delivered at the counter except for the services related with scholarship schemes. The forms for the services delivered at the counter are available at given URL.

Gujarat-Physical Handicapped ID

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Apply online Unique Disability Identity Card (swavlambancard) on the portal created by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

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Gujarat-Financial assistance to destitute older persons (Scheme of State Government)

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The State Government has introduced a scheme to provide financial aid to destitute older individuals who meet certain criteria. To qualify, applicants must have been permanent residents of Gujarat for at least 10 years. Through this initiative, the State Government aims to extend financial support to destitute older individuals who fulfill these requirements and are in need of assistance.

Gujarat-Scheme for Operation and subsequent program to the Polio affected patients (Director, Social Defense)

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Applicant may apply for free operation of polio and treamment of the polio affected poor children. A Common Services Portal (CSP – Digital Gujarat Portal) is a vision to provide one-stop solution for all Government to Citizens Services for citizens of Gujarat State.