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Information on State Scholarships, Kerala

Get Information on State Scholarships, Kerala provided by the Directorate of Collegiate Education of the state. Information about documents required and guidelines to fill the form is given related to Scholarships.

Directorate of Technical Education (DTE Kerala)

  •   Informational

Directorate of Technical Education is dealing with all the technical education activities in the state. Currently there are 12 Engineering Colleges (9 Govt. Colleges and 3 Govt. aided Colleges), 49 Polytechnic Colleges (43 Govt. Polytechnics and 6 Govt. aided Polytechnics), 3 Fine Arts Colleges, 39 Technical High Schools, 17 Commercial Institutes and 42 Tailoring and Garment Making Centres functioning all over the state, under the control of the Directorate. In addition to this there are around 150 self-financing Engineering Colleges both in the Govt. and private sector functioning in the state.

CAMPS (Online Entry of Examination data from Camps)

  •   Fully Online

Started in 2011 Online Tabulation of marks from II year & SAY Double Valuation Camps for Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics CAMPS aims to capture the marks tabulated directly from the source of creation at Valuation Camps. Instead of entry and verification, double entry is provisioned with acceptance of zero deviation for marks as well as register number to false number mapping. Users will have data entry privilege alone. Data updating or correction is not permitted.

Vocational Higher Secondary Examination Management System in Kerala

  •   Informational

Get information about Vocational Higher Secondary Examination Management System in Kerala. The objectives and details of the programme are given. User can check all the details on website.

Website of Institute of Management in Government, Kerala

  •   Fully Online

Register online to receive news on important events of Institute of Management in Government, Kerala. Users needs to provide information such as name, email, mobile number, designation, etc. to register. One will receive news alerts on lecture series by eminent persons, workshops details, seminars, training programmes, etc.

Online feedback form of Kerala State Higher Education Council

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Post your suggestions and feedback online with the Kerala State Higher Education Council. Users can submit their feedback by providing details such as name, e-mail, address, subject, message, etc.