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Job Seeker Registration

Any Job seeker in Gujarat can registered through this portal online. Portal provide facility to update the profile also.

Online Job Application System, Gujarat

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Gujarat government offers the facility to register and apply for jobs online

Application for Contract labour License

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This application facilitate the Contractor to get the License of the Contract labour License. End to end online processing including status update and SMS take place.

Application for License of a Contractor (s) for recruitment of migrant workmen

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This Service allows the Business Owner to get the License under Inter State Migrant Workman Act. The Service Delivered completely online end to end including Digital Signature.

Registration and Licensing - Motor transport workers act

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This service allows user to registered under Motor Transport Workers Act. This Service Delivered through Labour Commissioner Office.

Employer Registration

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This portal facilitate the employer to register themselves and provide details regarding establishment and its employment. employer also access database of job seeker of Gujarat state through process.