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Obtain death certificate in Chandigarh

Get detailed information on how to obtain death certificate in Chandigarh. Details about check list documents, prescribed time schedule, addressed of concerned officer, fee prescribed, etc. are provided. Users can also download the application form. Information about verification procedures, Grievance Redressal System, etc. is also provided. Contact details are available too.

Appointment for Sub Registrar Office, UT, Chandigarh

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Citizens may book an appointment online with the Sub Registrar's Office at Chandigarh, by specifying details such as Name, address, ID details, & mobile number

Award for Commendation Certificate on Independence Day or Republic Day, Chandigarh

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Chandigarh Administration awards Commendation Certificate to the Government employees and non-officials from the general public on the eve of Independence Day or Republic Day every year for recognizing the services rendered by them in various fields such as Meritorious Service, Public Services, Arts and Culture , Social Services, Sports etc.

Application form for Death Certificate late entry Order, Chandigarh

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Users can download the application form for Death Certificate late entry Order, Chandigarh

Online feedback and suggestions for Chandigarh

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Information on how to write the Feedback and Suggestions in the government portal of Chandigarh is given. Users can fill the form with name, email, designation etc.

Pay your property Tax in Chandigarh

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Users can pay their Property Tax in Chandigarh

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