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Pumpset Dealer Registration, Odisha

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Member Registration in the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies, Odisha

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Apply for member registration in the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies. The Directorate of the Registrar of cooperative societies is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of policies and programmes of the Central and State Governments for the benefit of farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and for strengthening the cooperative movement.To achieve these objectives, the Directorate looks after administration, supervision, monitoring and regulation of the Cooperative Societies functioning in the State in various sectors.

e-License For Agri-inputs, Odisha

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e-License Seed, fertilizers and insecticides are the power nerves of the Agriculture. Maintaining a good health of the distribution channels for these three critical Agri-inputs is the only way to ensure a healthy ecosystem for the agro economy.

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Pumpset Manufacturer Registration, Odisha

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Inclusion of Farmers in Sourajalanidhi Scheme, Odisha

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Farmers are encouraged to enroll on the GO-SUGAM Portal at https://sugam.odisha.gov.in to access subsidies under the Saura Jalanidhi scheme. This initiative is designed to promote the adoption of solar energy to support farmers in irrigating their fields. The Saura Jalanidhi scheme utilizes a dug well-based solar pump irrigation system in a convergence mode.

Registration of New Manufacturer and Products approved in last SLTC, Odisha

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Manufacturers / Dealers may fill an online form for Registration and enlistment of Make & models of agricultural machinery, equipment, or tools in DPT implement portal