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Registration of Hotelier, Odisha

Enroll as a hotelier with Odisha Tourism, where you can showcase your hotel's information, promotions, and special offers to a global audience, expanding your reach and visibility.

Registration of Travel Agent, Odisha

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Register as a travel agent, a travel agent is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers to offer different kinds of travelling packages for each destination.

Booking of ECO-Retreat Destinations, Odisha

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Book eco-retreat destinations, the luxurious glamping event on the Ramchandi beach is a perfect escapade for solitude seekers. A leisurely drive along the Puri-Konark marine drive & visiting heritage monument Konark temple would be an enchanting experience.

Check Odisha Bhavan Reservation Status, Odisha

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Home Department of Odisha Government publishes Room Reservation Orders for Odisha Bhawan/Niwas/Sadan, New Delhi, Utkal Bhawan, Kolkata and Odisha Bhawan, Navi Mumbai