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Telangana: Change of Name: Application Form

This service can be used by a citizen to apply for a change of his / her name for various reasons.

Telangana: ePanchayat - Management Information System - Information

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This service provides information on all the ePanchayat related activities.The principal objective of ePanchayat - MIS is to monitor & review the progress of a). Receipts & Expenditure details of all PRIs through Comprehensive Financial Information System (CFMIS) b). All Taxes and Non-taxes collected by all Gram Panchayats and c). Implementation of ePanchayat Project.

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Telangana: Department of Panchayati Raj - Government of Telangana- ePanchayat

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The site provides details about initiative' ePanchayat - House Tax For Gram Panchayats'. The Commissioner Panchayati Raj and Rural Employment have initiated ePanchayat, a flagship project, for Computerization of Gram Panchayats.The application areas that are automated are Birth & Death Registrations, House Tax Assessment, Demand Collections and Trade Licences.

Telangana: Registration of Child Name After one Year Application Form

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This application form helps citizens to get a birth registered.(after one year).

Telangana: Declaration for Corrections of Birth and Death Entries Application Form

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Using this service, a citizen can declare if there are any correction to be made in the entries of Birth and Death Certificates.

Telangana: Application for Non Availability certificate for Death

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"This service can be used to declare the non availability of a Death Certificate. An applicant can request for Non availability of Death certificate under the following circumstances. 1. Death was not officially recorded. 2. Death records are lost at the Dept during natural calamities."