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Telangana: State Service Delivery Gateway _ Information

This State Service Delivery Gateway(SSDG) is used by the citizen after logging in and providing the safe payment transcation regarding the online application submitted.

Application Form for New Registration of Electors

  •   Fully Online

Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana provides links to various forms for seeking electoral services

Application Form for Name Inclusion in Electoral Rolls

  •   Partially Online

Voters may apply for inclusion of name in Electoral Rolls using the available form to participate in elections at local, State & national level

Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation (GHMC)

  •   Fully Online

GHMC offers various citizen-centric services online e.g., Certificates of Birth, Marriage, Death; facility to pay property tax dues; applications to seek trade, building permits; viewing lists of GHMC playgrounds etc

Online Water Bill

  •   Fully Online

Water bills may be accessed online by specifying the CAN (Customer Account Number) number

Online Electricity Bill Payment

  •   Fully Online

Electricity bills may be paid online for both Prepaid and Postpaid services