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Uttarakhand eGatepass

Information Technology Digital Agency (ITDA) (e-Gatepass) streamlines gatepass management through an electronic platform, enhancing efficiency in tracking and authorizing entry and exit of goods or individuals. This digital solution ensures secure and seamless access control for improved logistical operations.

Dehradun Municipal Corporation

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The online service delivery platform, operated by the Urban Development Department, facilitates access to Municipal Corporation Dehradun's services. Through this platform, residents can conveniently access various municipal services online, simplifying processes, reducing paperwork, and enhancing efficiency in availing services related to urban development in Dehradun.

State Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM) Portal

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The rural local government in partnership with rural communities; shall plan, design, construct, operate and maintain their water supply and sanitation schemes; so that they get potable water and accrue health and hygiene benefits.

E-Office (File Moving Management System) Uttarakhand

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e-Office (File Moving Management System) revolutionizes document management by seamlessly organizing and tracking file movements within an electronic platform. This efficient solution enhances workflow transparency and accelerates administrative processes for streamlined office operations.

Dehradun Smart City Limited

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The project aims to deliver core infrastructural development and decent quality of life to the city's citizens. There are various projects under the smart city project Dehradun like Smart Toilets, Water Supply Augmentation, Smart School, Smart Water Meter and much more.

Uttarakhand State Portal

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Uttarakhand State Portal is the Official Portal of the Government of Uttarakhand. This is a one stop source for all information and services of the government. The portal provides a single window 'Any Time, Any Where' access to the information and services of various departments at all levels of governance for the Citizens and departments. The portal also provides comprehensive, accurate and reliable information about Uttarakhand and its various components like Government, Tourism, e-Participation, Services, Resources etc. A variety of citizen services, schemes provided by the Government across sectors in the state are also accessible from this portal.