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Write back to Animal Welfare Board of India

Write back to Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). Users can write feedback to the board by filling details such as name, subject, mail id in the online form. Contact details of the Board are also provided.

Apply online Honorary Animal Welfare Representative

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The AWBI offers an online application for individuals wishing to become Honorary Animal Welfare Representatives. This role involves advocating for animal rights and welfare, providing a crucial link between the community and the board to promote humane treatment of animals.

Apply online Performing Animal Owner

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This service is intended for owners of performing animals such as elephants. It requires detailed documentation including health, vaccination, and activity logs to ensure the welfare of the animals. This regulation helps protect animals used in performances from exploitation and ensures their health and well-being.

Financial Assistance by Animal Welfare Organisations - AWOs

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The AWBI provides financial support to recognized Animal Welfare Organizations to carry out various welfare activities. This assistance covers regular operations, rescue missions, shelter provision, and other critical services aimed at improving animal welfare standards across the country.

Registration for Recognized Animal Welfare Organizations

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Recognized Animal Welfare Organizations and Gaushalas can use this platform to renew their recognition, submit annual reports, and apply for financial assistance under various schemes offered by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). This streamlined process encourages better compliance and support for animal welfare activities.

Search Animal Breed

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This online resource allows users to look up various animal breeds such as buffalo, cattle, goats, pigs, and sheep. It serves as a comprehensive database for educational and breeding purposes, promoting better understanding and management of livestock.