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Check details of doctors registered with Medical Council of India

  •   Informational

Find details of doctors registered with Medical Council of India (MCI) through online Indian Medical Register. Users can search information about registered doctors by entering name of the doctor, registration number, year of registration or State Medical Council. Information about doctor's name, qualification name of university, address and registration number, date and year can be retrieved.

Search details of teaching faculty in medical colleges

  •   Informational

Search online information about teaching faculty of medical colleges recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI). Users can search for detailed information about teaching faculties by entering name of the teacher. Information about teacher, their registration number, state and name of the college can be retrieved.

Search colleges and courses recognised by Medical Council of India

  •   Informational

Search colleges and courses recognised by Medical Council of India (MCI). Users can search for various courses and colleges by filters such as course name, status, management, state, university and college name.

Check status of your application with Madhya Pradesh Medical Council

  •   Fully Online

Check the status of your application submitted to the Madhya Pradesh Medical Council. Users can provide receipt number of their application and year to check the status of an application online.

Register complaint with Government Medical College of Jammu

  •   Partially Online

Users can lodge their complaints with the Government Medical College of Jammu. One can lodge a complaint by filling up online form with details of complaint, name and email etc.

Check blood availability status in Government Medical College & Hospital of Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Check status of blood availability in Government Medical College & Hospital of Chandigarh. Users can get information about daily stock position of various blood groups available in the hospital.

Check district wise Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh health facilities data

  •   Informational

Check district level health facility data with the help of GIS maps and indices. This facility is provided by the Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh (JSK), the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Users can check the location of the health facility centres, hospitals along with maps of districts. Details related to percentage of women having three or more children, contraceptive prevalence rate, under five mortality rate, overall rank of the district in the country etc. are given.

Online obesity calculator by Delhi Health & Family Welfare Department

  •   Informational

Calculate obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI) online through online obesity calculator by Health and Family Welfare Department of Delhi. Calculate BMI and get obesity status by selecting gender, providing body weight in kilograms or pounds and height, in centimetre or in inches. Users can also get details of advisable minimum and maximum body weight in kilograms and pounds.

Online fertility calculator

  •   Informational

Calculate the most fertile days for a woman through online fertility calculator provided by the Department of Health and Family Welfare of Delhi. Users can calculate most fertile days by providing first day of last period in date, month and year format and average number of days in menstrual cycle. Facility to reset the details is also available. The calculator is a rough indicator of the day of ovulation.

Information on how to test your hearing online

  •   Partially Online

Get information on how to check hearing sensitivity by Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped. Users can get details about hearing sensitivity test by answering a few online questions related to your hearing. Details on referral services is also provided. Users can avail the service free of cost by providing personal details.