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DigiLocker - Register online to store e-documents

DigiLocker can be used to securely store e-documents as well as store Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) link of e-documents issued by various issuer departments. The e-Sign facility provided as part of DigiLocker system can be used to digitally sign e-documents.

MyGov: A platform for citizen Engagement towards Good Governance

  •   Fully Online

MyGov platform provides the citizens a voice in the governance process of the country. MyGov facilitates various actionable tasks where citizens can participate and become a key part of the governance decision making process of the country. Citizens can participate in discussion, submit suggestions for PM’s Mann Ki Baat, creative activities (logo design, deciding name of the schemes, layout designs, etc.), talks (current governance topics and initiatives), Polls, Blog writing, Innovate (challenge platform) and quiz.

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Open Government Data Platform India

  •   Informational

The objective of Data Portal (https://data.gov.in) is to facilitate open access to Government of India owned shareable data (along with its usage information) in machine readable form through internet all over the country in a periodically updatable manner. Datasets are published in an open format and are available for usage by public in the formats like CSV, XLS, JSON, XML, RDF, etc. These open Government Datasets can used by students, academia, business professionals and civil society in research and development fields for commercial or non-commercial purpose.

e-Granthalaya: A Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking

  •   Fully Online

Get information about e-Granthalaya, a Digital Agenda for Library Automation and Networking. Details of consortium discussion forum, e-News clipping system, etc are also available. Users can search open access journals in computer science.

Make an appointment with a Government Officer

  •   Fully Online

User filled the details / demographics to register for appointment request. User will receive an sms and email with your registration details. User may use your mobile / email / aadhaar for quick registration next time. User check the status of regarding appointment.

Electronic Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme Application System

  •   Fully Online

The Electronic Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (e-MSIPS) Application System enables online submission and scrutiny of applications submitted to the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology under the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (MSIPS) and Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) schemes. Users can get information about e-MSIPS, registration guidelines, application template, verticals under which applications can be submitted, etc. Access to details related to MSIPS guidelines, application fee, appraisal committee, Brown Filed Cluster, EMC scheme, etc. is also available.