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Obtain Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe Certificate in Delhi

Users can obtain detailed information related to procedure to apply and get the Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe Certificate in Delhi. Information related to documents, papers, issuing authority, eligibility criterion, etc. is given.

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State telephone directory service by HP government

Users can search for telephone numbers of departments/districts, officers' name using online state telephone directory service by Himachal Pradesh government. Links of emails, telephone numbers, PDF phone directory are also provided.

Feedback form of Kerala State Treasuries Department

Send online feedback to the Kerala State Treasuries Department. Users can send their feedback, suggestions and query related to the department by filling an online application form.

Application form to obtain proposals of development plan in Madhya Pradesh

Find an application form to obtain proposals of development plan in Madhya Pradesh. One needs to fill online form with details such as land owner's name, address, market, city and plot etc.

Search Madhya Pradesh government orders and acts

Users can search orders and acts of government departments of Madhya Pradesh. One needs to select a department, document type, and title and description to access the documents.

Check status of property tax assessment application in Coimbatore

Check the status of property tax assessment applications with the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation. Users can provide the reference number to search the information related to their applications for property tax assessment.

Check reports and publications of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

Check progress reports and publications of the Twenty Point Programme provided by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. Year-wise progress reports and publications are provided. Registered users can access various reports and publications online.

Check contact details of stamp vendors in Tamil Nadu

Check lists of stamp vendors in Tamil Nadu provided by the Department of Registration. Users can enter a keyword such as a name of stamp vendor and select the zone to get the information. One can find information about the vendor's name, address, license number, place of business etc. You can also select Zone to view all stamp vendors under the concerned Zone.

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Check list of DAAs/PIOs/APIOs provided by Meghalaya State Information Commission

Check a list of the Designated Appellate Authority (DAA), Public Information Officer (PIO), Assistant Public Information Officer (APIOs) of all state government departments provided by the Meghalaya State Information Commission. A comprehensive list of officials dealing with the Right to Information Act applications or complaints is provided. Users can click on the name of the department to view the list of officials names and their contact details.

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Check department-wise RTI compendium or handbook of Meghalaya government

Check department-wise Right to Information Act 2005 Compendium and Handbook provided by the State Information Commission of Meghalya. Users can select a government department of the state and public authority to access detailed information related to powers, duties of officers and employees. Rules, regulations, manual records and discharging functions of the department are also given.

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