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Check lease dues of markets under Guntur Municipal Corporation

Check market lease dues with the Guntur Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh. Users can search information about lease due by providing their market number. This facility is available only to markets and shops leased under the Guntur Municipal Corporation.

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Lodge complaints online with Guntur Municipal Corporation

Lodge your complaint online with Guntur Municipal Corporation of Andhra Pradesh. Users can submit their complaints by selecting the official they have addressed their complaint to and provide contact details such as name, email id, address, subject, etc.

Check birth registration details of Guntur Municipal Corporation

Users can check details related to birth registration with the Guntur Municipal Corporation (GMC). One can search about birth certificate details by name, gender, mother's name, father's name, child name, place of birth, time of birth, communication address etc.

Find information about sessions of Goa Legislative Assembly

Fine detailed information about sessions of Goa Legislative Assembly. Users can select the assembly and session to access the related information.

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Check property tax dues with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Check the status of property tax dues with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Users need to provide circle number and (Property Tax Identification) PTI number to get information on property tax dues. Search for PTI number by owner name, door number and old PTI number is also available.

Check details of registered deaths with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Users can view the details of registered death with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. One can select circle, ward, date of death, age and gender to access information about a deceased person.

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Check annual GPF statement of government employees of Uttar Pradesh

Officers or staff of Uttar Pradesh government can check their annual statement of General Provident Fund (GPF) online. The subscriber has to select the GPF series name and enter GPF account number and his/her PIN number to obtain the annual statement. In case PIN number is not received by the subscriber, he/she needs to contact DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer)/Treasury/AG office.

E-tendering system of Chandigarh Administration

Registered users can get detailed information related to tenders of various government departments of Chandigarh Administration. This online facility is provided to download, search and check the status of various tenders by Chandigarh Administration. Users can search online for tenders by location, value, classification and closing date.

Check status of your application submitted to Delhi Government

The e-Monitoring Service Level Agreement of Delhi Government helps users to track the application details submitted to various Departments of the state. Users can search details of an application by selecting the department name where the application was submitted, service category and application number.

Apply for inclusion of name in electoral roll of Manipur

Find online application form for inclusion of name in the electoral roll of Manipur. User can fill up the form online by providing information related to assembly constituency, applicant name, age, address, relative and particulars of place of ordinary residence, etc. Details information about the applicant's family members already listed in the electoral roll are also required.