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Andhra Pradesh Information Commission

  •   Informational

Andhra Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) receives complaints from any person who is denied any particular information under the Right Information Act. Information is provided about the APIC and its functions. Details pertaining to the procedure to approach the APIC, work distributions, public information officers, decisions and disposals of the cases are provided. Users can also check the status of registered complaints. Downloadable acts are available. Cause lists are also provided.

Check your name in the Voters' List of Delhi

  •   Fully Online

You can search your name online in the voters' list of Delhi. To search your name, a voter needs to provide details such as assembly constituency number & name, voters' name, father name, house number voter identity card number, etc. If you do not find your name then you can send an SMS to get your details on your phone.

Verification of Caste, Income, Resident, Minority Community, Rural Area Certificates in Haryana

  •   Fully Online

Users can check the Verification of Caste, Income, Resident , Minority Community, Rural Area Certificates by providing the Edisha Transaction ID and CIDR ID received (in mail/phone) as given by the Revenue Department (Haryana).

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Forms by Chief Electoral Officer of Lakshadweep

  •   Partially Online

Get forms for voters and candidates provided by the Chief Electoral Officer of Lakshadweep. Users can download such as form for inclusion of name in voter’s list, correction of name, etc.

Uttar Pradesh e-District Services

  •   Fully Online

Details on how to obtain Caste, Income, Residence (Domicile), Birth and Death Certificate etc. are provided by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Downloadable forms for various certificate services and registration of the users.

Environment Clearance for Industry in Himachal Pradesh

  •   Fully Online

Get information about procedure for obtaining environmental clearance for industries Himachal Pradesh Pollution Control Board. Users can access details related to application form for seeking environment clearance, consent and renewal fee details, application form for air consent, etc.

Search Name in Electoral Rolls for PRIs/ULBs in Himachal Pradesh

  •   Fully Online

Search for final electoral rolls in the state provided by Chief Electoral Officer of Himachal Pradesh. Users can search for electoral rolls by selecting polling area. Details about booth number, supplementary of final roll, location, booth level officers, etc. are given. Access to complete list of polling booths is also available.

Indian Occupational Safety and Health Information Network

  •   Informational

Get information about Indian Occupational Safety and Health Information Network (INDOSHNET). Detailed information related to government organisations, employer's organisation, worker's organisation, non-government organisation, industrial organisation is available. National Directory of all organisations is also given.

List of fire stations in Tamil Nadu

  •   Fully Online

List of fire stations in Tamil Nadu is given. Users can get details about fire station, division name and contact details according to region. Number of fire stations in various divisions is also given.

Online booking for visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan

  •   Fully Online

Individual, small group, school, college or large group can book a tour for visit to Garden and Museum of Rashtrapati Bhavan by filling an online form. Users can check or cancel their bookings also. Information about visiting places, instructions to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan and route map is given. Online booking is subject to confirmation from the President’s Secretariat.