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Information on how to enroll for Aadhaar Card

  •   Informational

Get information about how to enroll for Aadhaar Card. The information is provided by the Unique Identity Development Authority of India (UIDAI). The users can get detailed information about the procedure of Aadhaar registration, required documents details, list of Aadhaar Enrollment Centres, etc. Lists of valid documents’ list for Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) are also provided.

Avail online services of Uttarakhand Government

  •   Fully Online

Sugam Sewa is an endeavour of the NIC Uttarakhand to facilitate simple moral accountable responsive timely delivery of services to common citizens in Uttarakhand. You can apply online for services, pay bills or taxes, register complaints, know application status, and download forms. Information related to elections, govt employees, tourism, transport, urban development, and mobile applications is also given.

Application Form for Registration of Special Marriage in Tripura

  •   Partially Online

Find the application form for registration of special marriage in Tripura. This form is provided by the Revenue Department. Users can download the form and fill it according to their requirement.

Apply for certified copies of your documents in Tamil Nadu

  •   Fully Online

Apply online for certified copies of your documents, this facility is provided by the Registration Department of Tamil Nadu. You can search the document that you are looking for and also apply for getting a copy. Users need to provide their name, address, and address of delivery of document etc.

Search books online in Secretariat library of Himachal Pradesh

  •   Fully Online

Search books online available at Secretariat library of Himachal Pradesh. Users can find books by providing title of book, name of author, publisher name and language.

Online grievance registration form of Goa Government

  •   Fully Online

Users can use this online form to register or lodge their grievance with the State Government of Goa. You need to select the Department to which you want to lodge your grievance, and fill up the form with details such as your name, address, country, phone number, etc.

Search e-forms of Goa government

  •   Fully Online

Search e-forms provided by various departments of Goa government. Users can search the forms by providing the title. Search options by department, by description, by keywords, by keyphrases are also available.

Search contacts of officials, departments, boards and corporations under Government of Goa

  •   Informational

Search contact details of various departments, corporations, officials, autonomous bodies, colleges and hospitals under Government of Goa. The contact directory includes addresses, email ids and telephone numbers. Users can search the contacts by providing keywords or by selecting options such as corporation, department etc. from the category of contacts.

Search schemes of Government of Goa Departments

  •   Informational

Search schemes of Government of Goa Departments. To perform search, one needs to select the related department for which the scheme details are required. Upon selecting the department, a list containing scheme names, their enactment dates and documents appears.

Calculate your profession tax online by Corporation of Chennai

  •   Informational

Calculate your profession tax online provided by the Corporation of Chennai (COC). You need to select a number of employees in each income slot for average half yearly income given in the list to calculate tax. Total calculated profession tax can be known after taking into account the number of employees, enrollment amount and establishment amount.