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Employee Registration

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The portal supports the process of job seeker registration, sharing of job seekers to potential employers and removing/archiving job seekers once employer confirms selection of candidates. Only job seeker registration done online. The removing and archiving job seeker is done manually when employer confirms the selection of candidate.

Check information on Coaching centres for joint entrance examination in Tripura

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Check information on the coaching centers for joint entrance examination provided by the Directorate of Employment Services and Manpower Planning (ESMP) of Tripura. Detailed information about the coaching center according to district, sub-divisions, location and area of coverage is provided. Further, information regarding the coaching center managing committees, constitution, function and accounts is given. Details about provision of materials, books and funds are also available for the users.

Online registration for job seekers in Tamil Nadu

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Online registration for job seekers by Department of Employment and Training of Tamil Nadu is given. Users can register for assistance on employment opportunities by filling an online form. You can renew and update your profile by logging to the portal. Access to employment exchange code list, forms and cut-off Seniority dates adopted for nomination in employment offices is available.