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Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh Public Service Commisison

  •   Informational

Check and get information about Chhattisgarh Public Service Commisison.

Gujarat, Collectorate - District Rajkot : issuing domicile certificate

  •   Informational

Check process for obtaining domicile certificate from Taluka Mamlatdar/Jan Seva Kendra office, required document, fees and download application form.

Chhattisgarh: Registration in employment exchange

  •   Fully Online

Applicant can apply for registration in employment exchange

Nagaland: Application for Public Service Examination

  •   Fully Online

"Nagaland Public Service Commission: Application for NCS, NPS, NSS and Allied Services Examination "

Puducherry: Factory Informaton and Returns Management System (FIRMS) - Factory Online Registration

  •   Informational

Registration of Factory Licence as well as submisison of periodical returns by the Occupier of the Factory.

Puducherry: Student Career Guide

  •   Informational

Student Career Guide provide guidance to student community on various career choices, educational opportunities available in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

Puducherry: Sponsoring of job-seekers for Job Vacancies

  •   Informational

Details of Job Vacancies notified to Employment Exchange by the employers, number of candidates sponsored and seniority date for each vacancy can be viewed / downloaded.

Puducherry: On-line Employment Registration

  •   Partially Online

Residents of the Union Territory of Puducherry who have not registered their qualifications as of date can register on-line by uploading their personal and qualification details.

Puducherry: On-line Renewal of Employment Registration

  •   Fully Online

Job seekers registered in any of the Employment Exchanges of Union Territory of Puducherry can renew their registration if their registration is live.

Mizoram Public Service Commission: Online application and registration of candidates and publication of results

  •   Fully Online

Online application and registration of candidates and publication of results being conducted by Mizoram Public Service Commission