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West Bengal Public Distribution System

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West Bengal Public Distribution System (WBPDS) portal is intended to be an one-stop information for Public Distribution System (PDS). The portal aims to bring in transparency by disseminating data, information, news etc., related to PDS.

Chhattisgarh: Naya Raipur district website

  •   Informational

Check and get information about the facilities available in Naya Raipur.

Check sale and availability of fertilizers

  •   Fully Online

Check availability and sale of fertilizers through fertilizer monitoring system by Department of Fertilizers. Users can get details about urea dispatch, urea sales, decontrolled fertilizer dispatches, decontrolled fertilizer sales, etc. Information about fertilizer companies, dealers, retailers, maximum retail price, concession rates, etc. can also be accessed.

Check prices and arrivals of agricultural commodities

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Check online prices and arrivals of agricultural commodities in different markets. Users can get the commodity wise daily reports, market wise daily reports, daily reports for specific commodity, commodity and market wise daily reports of states etc.

Check weekly rates of agricultural commodities in Himachal Pradesh

  •   Fully Online

Check weekly Wednesday rates of various agricultural commodities in Shimla and Mandi towns of Himachal Pradesh. Both wholesale and retail rates are available. Users need to select the type of rates, commodity, town and date of the week to get the desired information.

Check daily and monthly commodity prices report

  •   Informational

Check daily, average or month end commodity price reports online provided by Department of Consumer Affairs. Users can check retail and wholesale price reports by selecting commodity and date. Access to average or month end reports for selected zones and centres is also available.

Mahila E- Haat

  •   Fully Online

"Mahila E- Haat" an unique direct on line marketing platform to support women entrepreneurs/ SHGs/ NGOs, launched on 07th March 20 16. It is aimed at providing a marketing platform by leveraging technology for showcasing products made/manufactured/sold by women entrepreneurs/ SHGs/ NGOs as also showcasing services reflecting their creative potential. The USP of this online marketing platform is facilitating direct contact between the vendor and buyer. It is easy to access as the entire business of E-haat can be handled through a mobile. The vendor can be approached by the buyer physically, telephonically, by email, etc.

Check prices of commodities in Andhra Pradesh

  •   Fully Online

Check prices of commodities in Andhra Pradesh through online commodity-wise and market-wise daily report by Agricultural Marketing Department of Andhra Pradesh. Users can get daily report by selecting date and name of the commodity. Information about the commodity, district, market, arrival of commodity, variety, unit, minimum price, maximum price, modal price, unit of price, etc. can be retrieved.

Online services related to Agricultural Marketing in Karnataka

  •   Informational

Avail online services related to agricultural marketing offered by Karnataka’s Agricultural Marketing Department and Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board (KSAMB). Users can check details about market profiles, warehouses, infrastructure, committees etc. List of sellers, buyers and registration facility for probable buyers is provided. Price reports for agricultural commodities can be accessed. Forms and procedures can also be downloaded. Information on agriculture acts, schemes, department profile, etc. is available.

Web based Online Ticket Booking portal for e-ticket, counter booking and franchisee booking

  •   Partially Online

GSRTC has give a facility to the passengers to book online ticket on web portal along with online payment. The tickets can be booked, cancel, pre-poned, post-poned through registered user as well as guest user account.