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File complaints with Press Council of India

  •   Informational

Get information on how to file a complaint to the Press Council of India against newspapers, magazines and other agencies. Users can get details of the complaint procedure, officials, formats etc. Information about complaints regarding oppression to Press freedom is also available.

Check status of title registration for fresh and duplicate cases with Registrar of Newspapers for India

  •   Fully Online

Check or track status of newspaper title registration applied for fresh cases, revised or duplicate cases with the Registrar of Newspapers for India. Users can check the registration status by the title code and registration number.

Check and search for registered titles with Registrar of Newspapers for India

  •   Fully Online

Check and search for titles registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI). Users can search for details of registered newspaper titles by entering registration number, new registration number, state, language, title, year, periodicity or place of publication.

Check online status of newspaper title registration application

  •   Fully Online

Check the status of applications submitted to Office of Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) for registration of titles of news paper, magazine, journal and other publications. Users can check or track status of the application for titles, by state, district, owner name and DM number.

Register for SMS job alerts by Employment News weekly

  •   Fully Online

Register for job alerts through mobile SMS by Employment News weekly. Users have to provide information such as name, mobile number, email id and city to avail the service.

Search for titles verified by Registrar of Newspapers for India

  •   Fully Online

Get information on titles verified by the Registrar of Newspaper for India (RNI). Users can search for verified titles by title name, title code, periodicity, state, state & language, state & periodicity, state & place of publication, language, date, year, year & month, year & state, year & language, year, month & state.

Details of payments to TV channels by DAVP

  •   Informational

DAVP provides solution for the paid publicity requirements of all Central Government organisations, PSUs or Government Societies, depending on the client's target audience and budget. A range of media outfits are used, ranging from the conventional medium like newspapers to TV channels and radio channels. Outdoor publicity options such as hoardings, messages on trains and vehicles are also used. Users can get information on payments made to various TV channels for the purpose of such paid publicity of different organisations.

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