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Shram Suvidha - One-Stop-Shop for Labour Law Compliance

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The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal offers reporting of Inspections, and submission of Returns. The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal is a single point of contact between employer, employee and enforcement agencies bringing in transparency in their day-to-day interactions. For integration of data among various enforcement agencies, each inspectable unit under any Labour Law has been assigned one Labour Identification Number (LIN)

National Career Service - Grievance / Feedback

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National Career Service (NCS) provides an online mechanism to submit feedback, complaints, suggestions, requests

National Career Service - Job Search

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National Career Service (NCS) is an online solution from Ministry of Labour and Employment for employers to post job openings and for those seeking jobs to apply for these positions, in both private as well as Government sectors.

National Career Service, Ministry of Labour & Employment

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National Career Service (NCS) is a one-stop solution that provides a wide array of employment and career related services to the citizens of India. It works towards bridging the gap between candidates and employers; candidates seeking training and career guidance and agencies providing training and career counseling.

Register complaints about child labour, Platform for Effective Enforcement for No Child Labour (PENCIL)

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Child Labour section, Ministry of Labour & Employment offers online service through a portal to report cases of child labour & track status of the complaint.

Indian Occupational Safety and Health Information Network

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Get information about Indian Occupational Safety and Health Information Network (INDOSHNET). Detailed information related to government organisations, employer's organisation, worker's organisation, non-government organisation, industrial organisation is available. National Directory of all organisations is also given.

Website of EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization)

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Employees Provident Fund Organization is to achieve compliance and to provide benefits to members in case of installations covered and meets the needs of the members of the fund. New entrants, existing members, applicability, paying industries or classes of contributions for staff information, Coverage for employers, financial obligations, administrative fees, inspection fees, membership, registration, contributions, etc. are given. Users can register complaints online EPFO and also claim benefits, download the form. Get information on legal provisions. Employees 'Provident Fund Scheme, Employees' Pension Scheme and the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme all the information about such schemes is provided.

Apply online to transfer your EPFO claim

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Users can apply to transfer their EPFO claims online with the help of this portal. A member has an option to submit his claim either through his present employer or the previous one. You can fill all such claim requests with ease and the employer can verify/correct member's details, approve and submit the requests online through portal.

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Apply for jobs on National Career Service Portal

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Job seekers can avail the benefits of this portal by registering themselves. You can find career centres, find skill providers and career counsellors, get local help, etc. Employers can also use this portal to find skilled candidates. Information about local employment services, career centres, etc. is available.

Locate office of Employees' Provident Fund Organisation

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Locate Employees' Provident Fund Organisation office in various states in the country. Users can find details upon choosing the name of the state, office location and district name from the drop down menu. Information on region code and office code is also available in the search results.

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