Ministry of Minority Affairs

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Fill Online application for New HGOs and Existing HGOs

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Haj Group Organizers (HGOs) or Private Tour Operators (PTOs) can fill online application to register themselves

Haj Committee of india

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Haj Committee of India enables online facilities such as flight booking confirmation, searches by State, Passport number, Cover number etc

National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation

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This scheme provides concessional finances to the minorities for self employment /income generation/ education activities. Preference is given to Artisans& Women of notified Minorities communities notified under NCM Act ,1992

Scheme for computerization of records & strengthening of State WAQF Boards.

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Financial assistance is provided to State Waqf Board to computerize their Waqf properly records and to strengthen their functioning and institutional capacity to improve their income.

Merit-Cum Means Scholarship

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To provide financial support to the minority students pursuing professional and technical courses at undergraduate level and post graduate levels in recognized institute.

Pre-Matric Scholarship

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To provide financil support to the students of Minority community studying in class-I To X.


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USTTAD scheme enables artisans to log in to preserve heritage of traditional arts and crafts of minority communities and build capacity of traditional crafts persons and artisans and establish linkages of traditional skills with the global market

National Commission for Minorities

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To monitor the working of the safeguards provided in the constitution for protection of the interest of minorities and look into specific complaints regarding Deprivation of the right of minority.

National Commission for Linguistic Minorities in India

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The CLM organization takes up all matters relating to safeguards for Linguistic Minorities.

Jiyo Parsi

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To reverse the declining trend of Parsi population by adopting a scientific protocol and structured interventions, stabilize their population and increase the population of Parsi in India.

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