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Special Mention - Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

  •   Fully Online

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MPA) enables online searches for Special Mentions matters, which are a Rajya Sabha mechanism for those discussions that do not fall within the purview of a point of order or which cannot be raised during question hour, half-an hour discussion, short duration discussion or under adjournment motion, calling attention notice or under any rule of the House thus are raised under the Special Mention

National eVidhan Application (NeVA)

  •   Informational

National eVidhan Application (NeVA) is an online application that aspires to make all legislatures digital with the help of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Online Assurances Monitoring System (OAMS)

  •   Fully Online

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs provides the Online Assurances Monitoring System (OAMS) to enable implementation of assurances given by Ministers in Parliament during the course of answers to Questions or during debates; respective Ministry officials may log in to upload Implementation Reports (IR), seek extensions, transfers, or dropping of assurances as applicable

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