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E payment of income tax, corporation tax, TDS and TCS

Pay direct taxes online through the e-tax payment system of the Income Tax Department. To avail of this facility, the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account with the Authorized Banks. Get information about e-payment of taxes, bank contact details, authorised banks, procedure of e-Payment, challan for e-payment, etc. Users can select appropriate challan and pay TDS on property, tax deducted at source, tax collected at source, security transaction tax, hotel receipts tax, estate duty, interest tax, wealth tax, expenditure tax, other direct taxes, gift tax, etc.

Check or calculate Speed Post Rates

Check tariff of Speed Post through postage calculator provided by the India Post. Users can calculate charges for international services and domestic services. You can provide the details of article to be delivered to calculate the charges.

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Search for Tax Deduction Account Number online

Search online for your Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) or company name with Income Tax Department. Users can search for TAN by selecting category of deductor, state, company name or TAN. Users can get details such as TAN, category of deductor, company's name, address, PAN, status, etc.

Calculate your profession tax online by Corporation of Chennai

Calculate your profession tax online provided by the Corporation of Chennai (COC). You need to select a number of employees in each income slot for average half yearly income given in the list to calculate tax. Total calculated profession tax can be known after taking into account the number of employees, enrollment amount and establishment amount.

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Check list of help centres by Central Board of Excise and Customs

Check the list of help centres and their addresses provided by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. Get details as per zones such as Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Users can also find location of various help centres along with the complete address, phone numbers, fax number, website and email-id.

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Directorate of Economics and Statistics of Andhra Pradesh

Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES) is the centralised statistical organisation of Andhra Pradesh for systematic collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of statistical data. Users can find details of the major statistical activities, functional areas of the department and special census on this page. Information on the infrastructure in AP is also provided. One can access the links for the Center for Economic and Social Studies, Center for Good Governance, Andhra Pradesh Information Commission etc on this website. Details about village insurance scheme, ongoing census and surveys, etc. are also available.

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Search details of dealers paying commercial tax in Uttar Pradesh

Search details of dealers paying commercial tax to Department of Commercial Tax of Uttar Pradesh. Users can search for information about dealer's by dealers' name, Tax Identification Number (TIN), firms' name, dealer's address, etc. Information dealer name, firm name, dealer address, TIN, office name, status of dealer registration and whether dealers are paying Central Sales Tax (CST) or not is provided.

Check Tax Identification Number in Chandigarh

Get details about Tax Identification Number (TIN) online by Chandigarh Administration. Users can get Tax Identification Number (TIN) details by entering their sale tax number.

Online system of treasury accounts and pensions of Chhattisgarh

E-kosh is a comprehensive online system of treasury accounts and pensions of Chhattisgarh. Users can get detailed information about the departments, DDO's, budget, expenditure, receipts, etc. Online receipts are available district wise, major head wise, treasury wise, etc. Information about the online payroll and pensioners details is also provided.

Check claim status of Employees Provident Fund of Chennai and Puducherry Region

Check the claim status of Employees Provident Fund of Chennai and Puducherry Region. Users can check the status by providing details such as EPF office, establishment code and employee number to get the claim status. Search option for establishment code is also available.