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Know your License Detail

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Citizens may retrieve their driving license details by specifying the driving license number in the specific format as guided by instructions available online, the date of birth ana d a captcha

Public Services Vechicle Driver Badge Authorization Card (e-Authorisation Card)

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e-Authorization may be done online for Drivers of Public Services vehicles by specifying details such as the vehicle registration number, last 5 digits of the chassis number, mobile numbers of owner and driver, date of birth of owner, driving license number & a captcha

Apply for Learner's Licence

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This service facilitates the citizens to apply for Learner licence (LL). One can fill the online form, pay the requisite fee and appear for online test with Aadhaar based authentication, AI based face recognition system and proctoring and finally download the Learners licence. This service is faceless (i.e. need not to visit concerned authority).

Check road tax for petrol/diesel vehicles online

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Vehicles Data from the centralized Vahan 4.0 and different State Registers of non Vahan offices situated at respective State Registers flow to the National Register. Selected information has been envisaged to be captured at the national level. The National Register will act as a central repository of all crucial data / information. This will also enable users to avail the service on "Anywhere Service" basis.

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All India Tourist Permit Authorization

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Stakeholders may make log in to conduct online tax payment transaction for vehicles at checkposts through net banking facility; officials may verify these payments online using their credentials

Online Payment of PUCC

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Payment of PUCC fees may be done online by specifying the Application Id, Mobile number and a security code

Vahan Report

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Designated officials may log in to access Vahan reports

Register New/Old PUC Center

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New and existing Pollution Under Control (PUC) Centers can be registered online by specifying its location details along with the details of the machine used for checking vehicular emissions

Download all Vehicles and Driving License Related Forms

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Citizens may download all forms related to Driving Licenses and vehicles

Types of Permit And Its Condition

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A list of Permit Fees and Permit Period is available here by State and vehicle type

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