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NOC for Export of Military Stores

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Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, Government of India offers a single window for submitting the application for export authorisation/license by the industry for SCOMET Category 6/ under Arms Rules in Form A X-A and processing and issue of the export authorisation by the Department of Defence Production. The portal is also a medium to receive discreet Export leads for the benefit of defence exporters, who may be involved in the manufacturing of products such as arms and ammunition, tanks, armoured vehicles, heavy vehicles, fighter aircrafts and helicopters, warships, submarines, missiles, ammunition, electronic equipment, earth moving equipment, special alloys and special purpose steels.

Search Pension Payment Order, Ministry of Defence

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Ministry of Defence provides an online service to allow pensioners to locate details about their Pension Payment Orders; pensioners may also track complaint status from this site.

Army Veterans Grievance Handling Portal

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Army Veterans Grievance Handling Portal of the Indian Army provides a unique platform to redress the grievances of ex-servicemen on a wide range of issues, with an inbuilt feature of addressing the grievance directly to the concerned respondent. Registered users can submit their complaints online. Information about Redressal agencies is also available. You can also get forms, policy letters, etc.

Online Pension notification status for defence personnel

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Check the status of Pension notifications for various defence personnel provided by the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Ministry of Defence. Commissioned officers can check their pension details by providing the name and IC number. Personnel below the officer rank can access the PPO status by providing their name and regiment number.

Check case status of Armed Forces Tribunal

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Check the case status of the Armed Forces Tribunal online. Users can check the case status by entering the number in the appropriate box. Case status by case number, diary number, title (petitioner/respondent), judge, advocate and subject is also available.

Information on career opportunity in Indian Air Force

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Get detailed information about the career opportunity in the Indian Air Force (IAF). Information is provided on career options, training establishment, selection procedure, life in Air Force, pay, pay and benefits, Air Force history, etc. One needs to select qualification from a drop down list to find career options in the IAF. Examination schedule, syllabus, candidate list, etc. are also available.

Website of Indian Navy Career and Opportunity

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The Indian Navy is a well balanced and cohesive three dimensional force. It is capable of operating above, on and under the surface of oceans efficiently to safeguard our national interests. Candidates who are seeking to make their career in Indian Navy can find information related to joining of Navy, candidates eligibility, officers entry, sailor entry, etc. You can also apply online for the Officer and Sailor entry. Detailed information related to cultural activities, facilities, sports & games, life after Navy, etc. One can also download forms, instructions, syllabus and result notifications.

Information on Naval Group Insurance Fund by Indian Navy

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Find information on Indian Navy's Naval Group Insurance Scheme for Naval and Coast Guard personnel. Details of the scheme such as monthly contribution, insurance cover and disability cover for Officers and Sailor/Navik are available. Users can also get information about Post Retirement Death Insurance Extension Scheme. Financial details like single non-refundable one time contribution, insurance cover and period of cover for Officer and Sailor are also given.

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