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Check online status of police clearance certificate application with Cyberabad Police

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Check status of Police Clearance Certificate application for Cyberabad Police. Person travelling abroad need Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Users can check status of their PCC by entering application number.

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Check online case status of Andhra Pradesh High Court

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Check status of cases registered with Andhra Pradesh High Court online. Users can check case status either by main number, S.R. number, Party name, petition number, lower court number, advocate, case number, category or subject. Information about CD status and S.R. status is also available.


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This service is used to get the Birth certificate.

Check your electricity bill in Andhra Pradesh

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The Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh has provided a facility to help its users to make online bill enquiry. Consumers can enter the service number or unique service number and select district to get details of their electricity bill. One can find information related to the billing, payment, dues and current period bills etc.


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The Certified Copy of Registration Document is to get the Duplicate copy of the Registration Document which is done at Sub Register office. By having the document copy the citizen can solve the legal problems, if he/she is facing regarding the property or other site issues which the land is been registered. This service used to get the Certified Copy of Registration Document

Check advocates enrollment details with Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh

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Check details of enrolled advocates with the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh. Users can search for enrolled advocates as per the date of enrollment. Details related to members of the council can also be accessed. Information on APAWF is available. Information on disciplinary proceedings is also provided.


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This service is used to get Village Map Copy.

Search water tax details by name and address in Vishakhapatanam, Andhra Pradesh

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Users can search water tax details by name and address in Vishakhapatanam, Andhra Pradesh

Check pension application status in Andhra Pradesh

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Get the status of pension application online in Andhra Pradesh. Users need to select the district, year of retirement to access the detailed information. One can also search the status of pension by file number or their name and date of birth.


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The OBC certificates are issued BC communities which are listed by the Indian Govt. as OBC (Other Backward Castes)This Certificate can be used for Scholarship in Education and reservation in Employment under central Govt .