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Tracking of bus

GSRTC has integrated GPS based Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System with Online Passenger Reservation System. This integration has enabled passengers to track their ticket by booked PNR number or vehicle number through website as well as Mobile Application.

Express bus inquiry, fare inquiry and seat availability inquiry though website

GSRTC has provided a feature for express bus inquiry, fare inquiry and seat availability inquiry in the website by entering FROM & TO along with journey date and no. of passengers.

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Web based Online Ticket Booking portal for e-ticket, counter booking and franchisee booking

GSRTC has give a facility to the passengers to book online ticket on web portal along with online payment. The tickets can be booked, cancel, pre-poned, post-poned through registered user as well as guest user account.

Port operations management system, Gujarat

It manages all the port operations and automatic calculations of port charges as per SOPC by using web link.

Registration Of Vehicle

As per CMVR, the vehicle can be driven or allowed to be driven in public place only after registration by registering authority as under the provision of section 39 of motor vehicle Act 1988. An application for registration of a motor vehicle is required to be made to the registering authority within a period of seven days from the date of taking delivery of such vehicle, excluding the period of journey.

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National Permit

National Permit for Goods Vehicle A national permit holder vehicle is permitted to move across any State of India for a period of one year. A national permit holding vehicle of other State is prohibited from carrying goods within the State.

Temporary Registration of vehicle, Gujarat

P.TEMP Application for permit is required to be made in Form P.TEMP.A. A permit fee of Rs.100/- and court fee stamp of Rs.10/- is required to be affixed on the application. Application should be accompanied with copy of R.C. Book, proof of payment of tax, Fitness Certificate, Certificate of Insurance, and P.U.C. D.A. case should not be pending against the vehicle for issue of permit.

Vehicle Trade Certificate, Gujarat

This Service is used by Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer for trading of Various Automobiles.

Appointment for Driving License, Gujarat

This service can be used by a consumer to book a slot online applying for a driver's license. Once the slot is confirmed, the consumer can visit the RTO office at the allotted time for the driving test.

Change address in Driving Licence, Gujarat

A consumer can use this service to apply for a change in Address licence if the Driving License Address to be changed or relocated.

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