Chandigarh (UT)

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Check Tax Identification Number in Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Get details about Tax Identification Number (TIN) online by Chandigarh Administration. Users can get Tax Identification Number (TIN) details by entering their sale tax number.

Obtain death certificate in Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Get detailed information on how to obtain death certificate in Chandigarh. Details about check list documents, prescribed time schedule, addressed of concerned officer, fee prescribed, etc. are provided. Users can also download the application form. Information about verification procedures, Grievance Redressal System, etc. is also provided. Contact details are available too.

Obtain Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Get information about the procedure for issue of a Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh. Information about eligibility criteria is available. Details about procedure of registration are given. Verification procedure for registration is also available. Users can find addresses of concerned officers, sanctioning authority, etc.

Pay electricity and water bills in Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Registered users can login to pay and check their electricity and water bill payment details provided by Chandigarh Administration. New users can also register by filling a registration form. Access to tenants and servants registration is also available.

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