Electricity, Water and Local services

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Voter New Enrollment

  •   Partially Online

New voters may enroll online to participate in elections at local, State & national level

Third Party Verification Report

  •   Fully Online

West Bengal SSDG e-Platform enables performing Fire Service Search to get Third Party verification reports

eForm Application Login

  •   Fully Online

Citizens can register online on SSDG to be able to avail eServices

Application Status Search

  •   Fully Online

Citizens may track the status of their applications online by using the Application Id

West Bengal SSDG e-platform

  •   Fully Online

West Bengal SSDG e-platform (State Service Delivery Gateway) offers various eServices online such as Fire Department Services, such as grant and renewal of licenses, safety certificates etc

Online Services - Electricity Department

  •   Fully Online

Office of the Executive Engineer, Electricity Department offers stakeholders the facility to seek services online by specifying the type of service, along with applicant details such as name & email Id; upon choosing the application type, the applicant is informed about the documents required to proceed

Online Secretariat Pass

  •   Fully Online

Citizens may apply online for obtaining a visitor pass to the Odisha Secretariat

Odisha e-Municipality

  •   Fully Online

Online application for Services and issuance of Digital and QR Coded Certificates in 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Odisha, categorized as Municipal corporations (5), Municipalities (48) and Notified Area Councils (61), with Flexible archuitecture to add ULBs and additional Modules

e-District New Registration

  •   Fully Online

Citizens & Lok Seva Kendra (LSK) operators can register online by specifying details such as name, address, email, Mobile number, Aadhaar etc to avail & provide services related to Certificates, Licenses, Revenue etc

Citizen e-Services Login

  •   Fully Online

Citizens can register online by specifying details such as name, address, ID proofs etc to avail e-Services