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Solar Rooftop Installation Interest Form

  •   Partially Online

"Solar Rooftop Installation Interest Form is made available online by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) to facilitate submission of interest, so that the Ministry representatives may contact for further guidance and installation"

Search electoral roll by name in Chandigarh

  •   Informational

Search for electoral rolls by name in Chandigarh by Chief Electoral Officer of Chandigarh. Users can search for electoral roll by name and sector. Information about name, address and identity card number can be retrieved.

Post your suggestion online for Vijayawada Municipal Corporation

  •   Fully Online

Post your suggestions for the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) online. Users need to provide name, phone number, email id and text details to submit their suggestions online.

Directorate of Survey, Settlement and Land Records

  •   Fully Online

Puducherry Directorate of Land & Survey Records enables online searches for land records by Region, Land Type, Taluk, Village, Ward & Patta number

Know Your Status of the voter

  •   Fully Online

Voters may find their status prior to any elections, online or using SMS

Application Form for New Registration of Electors

  •   Fully Online

Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana provides links to various forms for seeking electoral services

Utilization certificate under Swachh Bharat Mission gramin instead of the entry for construction of toilets

  •   Partially Online

Available form may be used to fill Utilization Certificate for assistance provided for construction of toilets

Application for Obtaining Disability Certificate

  •   Partially Online

The available form may be used to fill & submit Application for Obtaining Disability Certificate

Avail services for allotment of Government houses in Chandigarh

  •   Fully Online

Avail services for allotment of Government houses in Chandigarh with the help of House Allotment Committee of the state. Information about instructions to apply online and offline for government house allotment, house allotment process, allotment rules, etc. is given. Users can access seniority list, house allotment list and vacated houses list. Facilities to register online for government house, complete application and allotment application status are given. Downloadable forms to apply for government house allotment are also available.

Feedback form of Kerala State Treasuries Department

  •   Fully Online

Send online feedback to the Kerala State Treasuries Department. Users can send their feedback, suggestions and query related to the department by filling an online application form.