Registration and Licences

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Telangana - Department of Labour - Track Application - Status

This application helps userss to track the status of the application for Labour Deartment. Users can also download and get the licence

Telangana -Department of Labour - Login for Online for Registration/License and Renewals

This service is used by the citizen to login for registration and also to apply for a lisense and renewal of the application in the labour department..

Telangana - Department of Labour - Verify Certificate/License

This application helps citizens to verify the certificate or the license issued by Labour Department

Registration Of Vehicle

As per CMVR, the vehicle can be driven or allowed to be driven in public place only after registration by registering authority as under the provision of section 39 of motor vehicle Act 1988. An application for registration of a motor vehicle is required to be made to the registering authority within a period of seven days from the date of taking delivery of such vehicle, excluding the period of journey.

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Temporary Registration of vehicle, Gujarat

P.TEMP Application for permit is required to be made in Form P.TEMP.A. A permit fee of Rs.100/- and court fee stamp of Rs.10/- is required to be affixed on the application. Application should be accompanied with copy of R.C. Book, proof of payment of tax, Fitness Certificate, Certificate of Insurance, and P.U.C. D.A. case should not be pending against the vehicle for issue of permit.

Vehicle Trade Certificate, Gujarat

This Service is used by Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer for trading of Various Automobiles.

Appointment for Driving License, Gujarat

This service can be used by a consumer to book a slot online applying for a driver's license. Once the slot is confirmed, the consumer can visit the RTO office at the allotted time for the driving test.

Renewal of Driving Licence, Gujarat

A consumer can use this service to apply for a Renew license if the Driving License got expired.

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Endorsement in Driving Licence, Gujarat

This service can be used by a consumer if he/ she possesses a driving license for a particular class of vehicles and wants to extend the same to another class of vehicles. This service helps the consumer get a learner's license for the new class of vehicles.

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Driving Licence, Gujarat

An applicant is required to obtain a learning license in order to get new driving license. An applicant is required to apply in Form No.2/4 for the purpose of both learning as well as driving license, Medical Certificate in Form No.1 (A) is also required to be attached. In case a person wants to obtain driving license for transport goods vehicle, & to get online appointment.

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