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National Housing Bank (NHB)

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NHB operates as a principal agency to promote housing finance institutions both at local and regional levels and provides financial and other support to such institutions.

Project Monitoring Group National Portal for Monitoring Clearances

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e-Nivesh Monitor is a single window system for monitoring clearances required for setting up business/projects in India. The monitoring mechanism has been developed to fast track the pending clearance proposals beyond timeline at various Ministries/Departments/ Organizations of the Government of India and Governments of States/UTs. It aims at operationalizing a transparent, efficient and convenient interface, through which the government and businesses can interact and improve the business environment in the country for setting up investment related projects by enabling fast and efficient Government-to-Business (G2B) services.

Avail online transport services by Transport Department of Tripura

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Users can avail various online services with the help of Transport Information System of the Transport Department of Tripura. Details of various online citizen services to check licence application status, registration, vehicles population, and motor driving schools etc. are provided. List of pollution test centres is also given. Details of the schedule for fitness test are given. Users can also check traffic signs and warning signs.

India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL)

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IIFCL provides long-term finance to viable infrastructure projects in broad sectors of transportation, energy, water, sanitation, communication, social and commercial infrastructure.

Online services related to Vehicle, Meghalaya

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Get service for VAHAN - an initiative by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) for Vehicle Registration, offers different services related to Vehicle such as payment of road tax, Change of Address, Transfer of ownership, Cancellation of hypothecation, Renewal of Registration, Duplicate Registration Certificate, Addition of hypothecation, Application for NOC (No Objection Certificate), along with online payment of fees and tax

Transport Department, Jharkhand

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Get service for Department of Transport provides access to details such as Acts, Rules & Policies, Departmental Documents & Orders, Publications & Announcements, Schemes etc


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It provides financial and advisory services for infrastructure projects as well as asset management and investment banking.

Apply for Service Withdrawn by Applicant, Himachal Pradesh

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This service is to apply for Online Service Withdrawn by Applicant

Apply for Documents Upload, Himachal Pradesh

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This service is to apply for Documents Uploading for Online services

Apply for Fancy Number Booking, Himachal Pradesh

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This service is to apply for Fancy Number Booking