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Apply for Driving Licence in West Bengal

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Application form for driving licence in West Bengal is given. Guidelines to fill the application form for license to drive a motor vehicle (Form 4) are given. Information about documents to be attached is given.

Online Driving Licence Extract

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Particulars of a driving licence can be issued to an applicant by the Licensing Authority

Apply for New Driving Licence in Punjab

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Get information, 1. Application submission. 2. Upload documents 3. Upload photo/sign 4. Pay fees 5. Slot booking 6. Scrutiny documents 7. Biometrics 8. Driving Test Track 9. Approval 10.Print

Obtain driving licence online

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Users can access online services to apply for the driving licence provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Downloadable forms to avail services to obtain driving licence are also available. Details related to get duplicate licence, address change and international driving permit etc. are provided.

Application Form for Renewal of Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh

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Access to application form for renewal of driving licence (Form 9) in Uttar Pradesh is given. Users can download the form and use it further. Instructions on how to fill the form are available.

Check registration details of vehicles by Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala

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Check online registration details of vehicles provided by the Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala. Users can check registration details by entering registration number and chassis number. Information about the vehicle's owners name, tax details such as tax license number, tax paid, CESS amount paid etc. is available.

Application Form for Driving License, Telangana

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Citizens can use the available form to apply for various license related services, such as booking a slot for seeking learner's and permanent licenses; International Driving Permit etc

Appointment for Driving License, Gujarat

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This service can be used by a consumer to book a slot online applying for a driver's license. Once the slot is confirmed, the consumer can visit the RTO office at the allotted time for the driving test.

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PUC Certificate

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PUC Certificate may be obtained online by specifying the Registration number, last 5 digits of chassis number and a security code

Know your License Detail

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Citizens may retrieve their driving license details by specifying the driving license number in the specific format as guided by instructions available online, the date of birth ana d a captcha